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Mandatory training for staff

Mandatory training ensures the University is compliant with current regulations and staff are in the best position to support students, colleagues and customers. It is important that all staff complete the mandatory training for their role so the University can fulfil its duty of care for the community and meet requirements from external bodies.

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The University uses e-Learning platform, LearnUpon, to deliver mandatory training to staff. New staff are enrolled on LearnUpon within the first two weeks of their employment and will receive an email once their LearnUpon account is live. Temporary staff and other external staff will need to contact OD for alternative access.

Mandatory training for all new staff

These courses typically take less than an hour to complete and can be accessed at a time and place to suit you.

Diversity in the Workplace

An introduction to the University's approach to equality, diversity and inclusion. As part of the University of Sussex's commitment to advancing equality of opportunity for all, this course is mandatory for all staff and must be completed within the first month of employment. Complete the Diversity in the Workplace training on LearnUpon.


Gives an outline of the new General Data Protection Regulations and covers the essential information that staff need to know to ensure compliance. This course should be completed within the first two weeks of your start date. Complete the GDPR training on LearnUpon.

Health and Safety Essentials

Provides a good grounding in general health and safety at work. Please ensure you are aware of any additional local arrangements for health and safety including emergency procedures, such as calling 3333 in an emergency and not 999. Complete the Health and Safety Essentials training on LearnUpon.

Fire Awareness

The course takes 30 minutes to complete and covers fire hazards, smoke and its effects, managing different types of fire, emergency procedures, and how to handle a fire at work. Complete the Fire Awareness training on LearnUpon.

Role-specific mandatory training

Where a role determines the training to be a requirement for the job.

Recruitment and Selection

All staff involved in recruitment are required to complete this course within one month of employment start date, or upon taking on recruitment responsibilities. This course provides guidance on key aspects of recruitment and selection in higher education, particularly in relation to equality and diversity matters, and the strides you can make to eliminate bias. Complete the Recruitment and Selection training on LearnUpon.

Safeguarding Essentials

This course is designed to assist you in understanding your role in safeguarding children and adults at risk and looks at what safeguarding means in practical terms. Complete the Safeguarding Essentials training on LearnUpon.

Modern Slavery

This course provides an overview of what modern slavery is, including how to spot the signs and share your concerns. It is particularly relevant for any staff involved in purchasing or authorising purchases on behalf of the University. Complete the Modern Slavery training on LearnUpon.

Extended workforce: Employment status and IR35

This module explains how the status assessment process works and how to follow the University's procedures and guidelines for taking on external contractors. Mandatory for all University staff engaging people/contractors. Complete the Extended Workforce - Employment Status and IR35 training on LearnUpon.


Offers practical support and advice to support our wellbeing and safeguarding agenda, by giving you the skills to better meet the needs of your students, staff and visitors. This course is only mandatory for identified key staff. If this includes you, you will be automatically enrolled on this course.

Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion

This course explains the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and the role and repsonsbility of Sussex staff to be vigilant and follow the correct processes surrounding this. This course is mandatory for DARO and HR staff. Complete the Anti-Facilitation of Tax Evasion training on LearnUpon.

Mandatory training for Grades 7 and above

These courses are mandatory for certain roles, but recommended for all staff at the University and available in the LearnUpon catalogue.

Anti-Money Laundering

Also mandatory for all staff working in the Finance Division and DARO. This course will help you to understand the legislation governing money laundering, what the main offences are and the primary defences. It will also help you to consider the practical steps you can take to limit the risk of money laundering and understand how the University will respond to concerns of money laundering. Complete the Anti-Money Laundering training on LearnUpon.

Unconscious Bias

Recommended for all staff, but mandatory for Grades 7 and above. Unconscious bias refers to the biases we hold that are not under our conscious control. This programme will enable you to work towards reducing the effects of unconscious bias for yourself and within your organisation. Complete the Unconscious Bias training on LearnUpon.

Introduction to Counter Fraud

Also mandatory for all staff working in the Finance DivisionThis introductory Fraud Awareness module covers topics such as: what is fraud, what is bribery, who might commit fraud and what the University can do about it. Complete the Introduction to Counter Fraud training on Learnupon.

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