Student Experience

Director: Jayne Aldridge

Academic Quality and Partnerships

Responsible for academic standards for internal programmes and for programmes delivered with external partners to ensure cohesive practice with all delivery models.

The team also provides clerking services to the University Education Committee and its sub committees.

Contact the head of service: Oliver Craig.

See more about Academic Quality and Partnerships.

Educational Enhancement

With a focus on quality enhancement, the service works alongside academic schools to support academic development within the curriculum, and enhanced delivery models including through digital platforms.

The service provides specialist support and professional development opportunities in the effective use of digital technologies to enhance teaching practice and enrich student learning.

It also leads on development and delivery of online distance learning course provision.

Contact the head of service: Katie Piatt.

Learn more about the support offered to teaching staff by Educational Enhancement.

Student Administration

The following services have been brought together under Student Administration: Exams & Assessment, Timetabling, Academic Appeals, Academic Regulations and UKVI Compliance. These functions all represent key touchpoints for undergraduate, Masters and PhD students during their studies.

The Research Student Administration Office no longer exists. Its staff are located within the Student Data & Records team and the various Student Administration services. The contact emails remain the correct ones if you have queries.

The Office for Student Complaints, Regulations and Appeals (informally known as OSCAR) has also closed. Some of the work is now located in the Complaints, Conduct and Funding team while Academic Appeals now sit within Student Administration. You can email with queries.

UKVI Compliance now has its own team, sitting independently within Student Administration, though retaining close links with the Student Advice & Guidance services. The primary email address is

Timetabling stays mostly the same. Continue to email with any queries.

The Exams and Assessment team now sits in Student Administration, rather than in the former Student Systems & Records Office (SSRO). Continue to email for now.

Academic Regulations now sits within Student Administration, having previously been part of Academic Development and Quality Enhancement (ADQE) – itself now known as Academic Quality and Partnerships (AQP).

The head of service is Helen Basterra.

Learn more about the functions within Student Administration and where students can get support.

Student Data and Records

Responsible for the maintenance and management of the student records database.

It also provides management information and standard data sets (including for use by the University education committee and Schools), such as graduate outcomes and annual course reviews.

Contact the head of service: role vacant (contact Denise Cooper in the interim).

See more about data and records.

Student Experiential Services

Responsible for all divisional frontline welcome points, primarily delivered through the Student Centre.

SES also works across the University to embed continuous improvement in activities impacting the student experience.


Contact the head of service: Sarah Lord Soares.

See the services available for students inside the Student Centre (Student Hub).

Careers, Employability and Entrepreneurship

This service leads the implementation of the World Readiness and Employability Strategy.

It also works with colleagues across the University, and within academic schools to improve opportunities for student and graduate outcomes.

Phone: 01273 678429


Contact the head of service: Emily Huns.

For more information visit the Careers, Employability and Entrepreneurship webpages.

Student Advice and Guidance

Responsible for all practical advisory activity: international, money, general advice and disability support.

These services provide advice, guidance and an enhanced triage point, together with information that will help students with decision-making, next steps and entry into appropriate referral routes if needed.

Contact the head of service: Nasim Shakoori.

See specific student advice relating to:

Student Complaints, Conduct and Funding

Comprises key student facing functions which include process, procedural, regulatory and administrative activity.

It also covers student complaints, student conduct and exceptional circumstances together with the administration of bursary and hardship disbursement.

Email addresses for service areas:

Contact the head of service: Joseph Mullin.

You can direct students to complaints and appeals information on the Student Hub.

Student Engagement and Enhancement

This service champions inclusivity and connection, and builds a community where every student feels they belong.

The service leads on the success programmes of the Access and Participation Plan, including the Student Connector scheme and Spirit of Success Award.

Contact the head of service: Hannah Wallace.

See more information about Student Engagement and Enhancement.

Wellbeing, Therapeutic and Residential Life Services

This is a cohesive set of services to promote and support the wellbeing of students.

A combination of mental health professionals can assess and refer students to a number of therapeutic interventions including short-term therapy.

Residential Life creates and promotes activities that support students to live well together, strengthening feelings of connection and belonging.

Contact the head of service: Amanda Griffiths.

See student guidance on:

Student Systems and Projects

The Student Systems and Projects Service drives the vision and direction for student support systems.

It runs projects across the University by supporting the development of new and existing IT applications to enable effective administration across the student lifecycle.

It also facilitates the improvement of associated business processes, working across the Education and Students portfolio to ensure individual project objectives and deliverables are fully understood and any dependencies are identified and managed.

Contact the head of service: Jo Corbett.

Call internally on extension 3422.