Student Experience

Director: Jayne Aldridge

Academic Development & Quality Enhancement & Retention & Progression

Provides support to schools and partners on curriculum, academic standards, regulations, partnership and enhancement. Provides secretarial support for University Education Committee and a number of its sub-committees.

Phone: 01273 873224

To find out more visit Academic Development & Quality Enhancement

Campus & Residential Support

Provides support to students in University managed accommodation.

Phone: 01273 877463/ 678490 (Residential Service Managers)


For information visit Campus & Residential Support.

Careers & Employability Centre

Offers careers advice, information, workshops, events and work experience/placements focused upon student employability.

Phone: 01273 678429


For more information visit Careers & Employability Centre


Services for those of all faiths or none and including a range of additional services such as mindfulness and meditation.

Phone: 01273 678217 / 877123

To contact a chaplain by email visit the contact page for a list of chaplains.

For more information visit Chaplaincy and Meeting House

Counselling Services & Student Wellbeing

Provides free and confidential short term therapy to students of the University. Develops policy, communication and events to support student wellbeing.

Phone: 01273 678156


Visit Counselling Services & Student Wellbeing for more information.

Doctoral School

Provides support and guidance for doctoral students with specific emphasis on providing a range of professional development activities that include the Researcher Development Programme and the identification of funding and partnership opportunities to support research activities.

Phone: 01273 877767


For more information visit The Doctoral School.

Office for Student Complaints, Appeals and Regulations (OSCAR)

Manages the processes for complaints, appeals and regulations.

Phone: 01273 877093

Email address(es):




Research Student Administration Office

Provides dedicated administrative support to students and faculty throughout the Postgraduate Research (PGR) student lifecycle from enrolment to graduation.

Phone: 01273 876550


For more information visit Research Support Administration Office.

Student Engagement and Enhancement

We will champion inclusivity and togetherness and build a community where every student feels that they belong.

Find out more on the Student Engagement and Enhancement website.

Student Experiential Services

Works across the University to deliver projects including Student Centre, and embed continuous improvement in activities impacting the student experience.

Phone: 01273 877341


Student Life Centre

Specialist practical advice for students on a range of issues, including financial support.

Phone: 01273 876767


For more information visit Student Life Centre.

Student Records & Systems Office

Processes student records, delivers the timetable and supports exam, assessment and progress administration throughout student lifecycle.

Phone: 01273 877093


Visit Student Records & Systems Office for more information.

Student Support Unit (disability support)

Specialist Support including reasonable adjustments for disabled students and those with specific learning differences and mental health conditions.

Phone: 01273 877466


For more information visit the Student Support Unit.

Sussex Regional Access Centre

Offers needs assessments for disabled students and those with specific learning differences and mental health conditions.

Phone: 01273 678497


Visit Sussex Regional Access Centre for more information.

Technology Enhanced Learning

Provides specialist support and professional development opportunities to staff in the effective use of digital technologies to enhance teaching practice and enrich student learning. Leads on development and delivery of online distance learning course provision.

Phone: 01273 873219 (Head of TEL)


For more information visit TEL