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The Nurture Lab @Sussex

The Nurture Lab - Nurturing nature: understanding relationships and experience -  picture of a tree

Welcome to The Nurture Lab @Sussex

The Nurture Lab is codirected by Dr Bonamy Oliver and Dr Alison Pike.


Our research centres on parenting, family relationships, and friendships in relation to prosocial and disruptive behaviours. We use family and twin designs to better understand the role of children’s experiences within the context of their genetic propensities.

We address questions such as:

- how do family dynamics influence positive and negative child behaviour?

- how do nature and nurture work together to influence children's socio-emotional development?

- why do some parents and children respond well to intervention and others do not?

- do people's genetic propensities affect their family relationships?

- why do some brothers and sisters get on so well, and some so badly?


Dr Bonamy Oliver

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Dr Alison Pike

T +44 (0)1273 877288

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