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Welcome to the Sussex Ingestive Behaviour Group

The SIBG group conducts a wide range of research in Behavioural Nutrition mainly from an Experimental Psychology perspective.



How do we develop liking for different foods and drinks?

Can food products be made to better satisfy the appetites of modern consumers and so reduce the risk of unwanted weight gain?

Why are some people more prone to weight gain or disordered eating?

And how do we perceive flavour?

These are just some of the many questions SIBG members have been working on. Please explore the other Tabs on this page for more details of what we are doing.

Our research lab combines state of the art testing space with food preparation and participant facilities.  Powered by our in-house Sussex Ingestion Pattern Monitor software, we are able to conduct a wide range of cutting edge studies.  Contact us if you think we can meet your research needs.


Martin Yeomans
Professor of Experimental Psychology



Conduct research in Behavioural Nutrition from an Experimental Psychology perspective

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