I am currently on research leave funded by the ESRC. The undergraduade  courses that I have taught recently or developed are:


Level 2/3

Britain in the Twentieth Century: History optional course

Britain and the Second World War: History Special Subject

1916: The Somme: History optional course


 M.A. Level

I teach a core course in the Contemporary History MA, Historical Skills and Methods and have taugh an optional course Britain Between the Wars. I developed the innovative optional course Documentary in Contemporary History.  The year 2000 and 2001 cohort’s film won ‘Best Documentary’ at the Imperial War Museum’s student film festivals.  This course is currently taught by Lucy Robinson. Both this course, and the Historical Skills and Methods course, are taught using (elements of) group work and assessment.


Current D.Phil students

1. Elke Side (Sussex Graduate Bursary holder) 2006- 'Children of the red Flag'. Growing up in a communist family: a comparative study of the British and Dutch communist movement 1940-1984’

2. Rebecca Searle (AHRC Collaborative Award, with the Imperial war Museum, London) 2006- ‘Gender, Modernisation and National Identity in Visual Representations of the Aircraft Industry in Britain during the Second World War’

3. David Boyne (PT) 2006- ‘Racial Attitudes of Ordinary Britons in SEAC, 1941-5’

4. Chris Kempshall  (PT) 2007- ‘Great War Myths and Memories: Britain and France 1918-2008’

5. John Hodgkins (PT) 2007- ‘Andrew Mearns and the Bitter Cry of Outcast London’

6. David Rowley (PT) 2007- ‘Poor Livings and Destitute Clergy: the Economic Situation 1700-1900’

7. David Eyles (PT) 2009-‘Combat motivation and the Falklands War’


 Previous D.Phil students

1. Selina Todd (ESRC funded) 1999-2003 (D.Phil awarded May 2003) ‘ Young Women, Employment and the Family in Interwar England’.

2. Andrew Elsby 2002-2004 (D.Phil awarded Sept 2004), ‘British Foreign Policy Towards the Soviet Union over Germany in the Immediate Post-World War Two Period: A Causal Analysis’.

3. Francis Graham-Dixon (AHRC funded) 2005-8 (D.Phil awarded Dec 2008) 'Civilising the Germans: British occupation policy and the refugee and expellee crisis, 1944-1949’

4. Ben Jones (ESRC funded)  2005- 8 (D.Phil awarded January 2009) ‘Neighbourhood, family and home: the working class experience in mid-twentieth century Brighton’.