John Parry has experience of a wide range of schools as a teacher and teacher trainer.  He ran an educational research project within the Economic and Social Research Council's Global Environmental Change programme from 1994 - 1997 and mixes theoretical notions of environmental learning with actions on the ground. 

John's thesis, submitted to the University of Sussex in September 2000, compared and contrasted the use of a storyboarding technique for computer sequences for a pupil-generated CD-ROM about a local wildlife area with more traditional approaches.

John's research interests are in the field of environmental education, education for sustainable development, social inclusion and paired mentoring in initial teacher education.  He contributed to the 'Education for Sustainable Development in the Schools Sector' Report of 1998 which helped to establish the entitlement of sustainable development within the National Curriculum.

He recently worked on the student voice aspect of the Portsmouth Learning Community Project (directed by Michael Fielding) and with Gerard Macdonald, secured a Nesta grant to explore the notion of 'knowledge building' in four Primary schools drawing on the thinking and practice of Marlene Scardamalia at the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology, University of Toronto.