At its core, my research agenda centres black African women to explore questions of gender, subjectivity, power and inequality in the contemporary global context. My current major project is revising my dissertation into a book, provisionally entitled Spectacularly Feminine: Fashioning Postfeminism in Lagos. The book argues that young, class-privileged Nigerian women who dress in what I call spectacularly feminine style - long weaves, false eyelashes and nails and so on - see themselves as 'postfeminist' subjects, and makes a case for the empirical possibility and analytic value of thinking in terms of 'postfeminism' in a context like Nigeria. Hear a little more about this research here.

I am also co-editing a book collection on luxury consumption in Africa with Mehita Iqani of the University of the Witwatersrand, who will be visiting Sussex in Autumn 2017 as an Asa Briggs fellow.

Recent projects include guest editing an issue of the journal Feminist Africa on the theme of fashion and beauty politics in Africa.

I would welcome applications for doctoral research on the following broad themes:

  • feminism(s) and gender politics in Africa
  • black, African and/or transnational popular and consumer cultures
  • fashion and beauty politics
  • postfeminism
  • feminist theory