Photo of Andrew Buckley

Andrew Buckley
Associate (Engineering and Design)
T: +44 (0)1273 872634


I have taught on a variety of courses (25+) in engineering, physics,  mathematics and computing at various levels and using different teaching methods. I also teach foundation year tutorials and act as an academic advisor to students.

I am currently responsible for the following courses in the School of Engineering and Design:

Principles of Technology (Autumn Term, Foundation Year 0/year 1)

Selection of Materials 1 (Spring term , year 1)

Selection of Materials 2 (Spring term, year 1)

Practical Electronics in Society (Summer term, year 1) 

Engineering for Environment/Development Applications (Spring/Summer, year 2)

Space Systems (Spring Term, year 3)

I worked with Mathematics department colleagues on the development of a new course "Mathematical Skills in Engineering and Design" (Spring/Summer term, year1) and helped specify the course content. I previously convened and lectured on the course Digital Systems and Mircoprocessors (Spring Term, year 1)