Tena has been awarded a full scholarship from the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council and the University of Sussex to conduct her PhD project. Her research focuses on the political economy of countries in transition, with a focus on the privatisation processes in former Yugoslav states. She has been previously awarded grants by the Council of Europe, by the University of Trieste and the State Linguistic University of Moscow for study and training periods in Russia – a country she keeps a keen eye on. Other research interests include the impact and motives of foreign countries investing in the Balkans (recent research project funded by the LSE Middle East Centre); the UK’s changing relationship with Europe (in collaboration with CIDOB Barcelona); and the transforming role of new actors in European political dynamics.

Starting in 2013, Tena has worked at the research unit on the Western Balkans at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSEE - Research on South Eastern Europe). She has coordinated the research unit’s outreach programme, including the management of the public events and of its publication series on South Eastern Europe. In 2014 she founded the LSE’s blog on the region, offering expert analysis and commentary and featuring interviews with prominent personalities. She has been involved in European policy since her early student days, taking active roles in international YNGOs and spending a one-year mandate in Brussels, in the board of directors of the European Students’ Forum (AEGEE). Tena is now an editor of the LSE EUROPP – European Politics and Policy blog, where she curates in particular the content related to Eastern Europe. 


Doctoral researcher in the Department of Politics, School of Law, Politics and Sociology

Editor, LSE EUROPP – European Politics and Policy


PhD candidate, University of Sussex, School of Law, Politics and Sociology (2015-ongoing) 

LLM QLD, Birkbeck University of London, 2015

MA Central and South East European Studies, University College London, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, 2010

Laurea Triennale (BA) Translation and Interpreting, University of Trieste, Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori, 2008