He is willing to consider PhD supervision applications relevant to his research in the areas of Internet and telecommunications policy. Please ensure you have actually read his research before contacting him with research proposals. Current research students can be found here.

Chris Marsden has been funded to carry out multi-year research projects by:

  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OECD (2016-17),
  • European Commission DG JUSTICE (2014-16),
  • European Commission FP7 (2011-15),
  • European Commission DG CONNECT (2003-4, 2007-8),
  • British Academy (2005-7),
  • Economic and Social Research Council (1998-2000),
  • and has served as Advisory Board member on ESRC, EC, EPSRC, FP7 & Horizon2020 projects.

Chris researches regulation by code - whether that be legal, software or social code:

Chris is a committed interdisciplinarian, having published several jointly written papers, book chapters and articles with economists (Jonathan Cave and Campbell Cowie), computer scientists (Ian Brown), and social scientists (Damian Tambini, Stefan Verhulst, Colin Blackman, Christian Ahlert, Simon Forge and others). He is the author of the “Oxford Bibliography of Internet Law” (2012) and chapters on Internet law in several Handbooks.

He speaks on net neutrality at many international policy conferences including the United Nations Internet Governance Forum 2015 (at 10:00 and 1:31:30)

He also spoke on encryption, privacy and investigatory powers at the same United Nations meeting (at 18:20) 

He was Principal Investigator [2014-16] in DG Justice funded legal informatics project

He was also Principal Investigator [2011-15] in the European Internet Science (EINS) consortium, the pioneering interdisciplinary examination of the effects of the Internet on society, and how that should affect the future design of the Internet, leading two Joint Research Areas in the FP7 EINS project.