The underlying aim of my work is to understand the role of social interaction and collaboration in learning, play and social cognitive development. Some of my work in this area focuses on children with autism and on improving children's text comprehension. I run the Children and Technology Lab where we study how technology can be used to understand and support mechanisms of collaboration.

We work extensively with children, parents and teachers at home, at school and in the lab.

Examples of projects include:

  • understanding how augmented toys can increase children's cooperative play
  • understanding how to use tablet computers for collaborative learning and co-creation
  • developing the SCoSS software architecture to support adult-child communication
  • designing playground space to foster social play in autism
  • developing technological support to improve text comprehension.

I collaborate across disciplines (e.g. Informatics,  Linguistics, Education) and across institutions, as shown in the publications list. My Phd students' work is showcased on the ChatLab website.