Photo of Sharon Wood

Sharon Wood
Senior Lecturer in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence (Informatics)
Director of Teaching & Learning
T: +44 (0)1273 678857 or +44 (0)1273 678195




I use computational cognitive modelling to investigate human decision-making and perceptual processes, in particular visual attention, and agent based modelling to investigate complex knowledge-based reasoning. The particular focus of this work has largely been decision-making processes for purposeful, goal-driven behaviour from a bounded, rational agent perspective.

My past and current research exemplifies these interests in a range of contexts:

Applied Cognitive Science

Using models of human behaviour and studies of graphical reasoning to inform intervention tools in public health applications e.g. understanding of risk from health-damaging behaviour and its relevance to the individual as the basis for behaviour change, e.g.,

Communication of risk in a Alcohol Risk Calculator (Scott Bissett, MSc. 2010)

Designing tools to support limitations to perception and cognition to improve performance in complex, cognitively intense, time critical applications.

Computational modelling for understanding cognition and behaviour

Modelling perceptual processes, e.g.,

Cognitive Modeling of Attentional Networks (Fehmida Hussain, DPhil. 2010)

Computational Modelling of Visual Attention (David Lane, MSc. 2004)

Modelling problem solving/decision-making behaviour, e.g.,

Agent-Based Modelling of the co-diffusion of technology adoption and behavioural change in shaping the speed and direction of household energy usage (Paul Fairhurst, PhD., current)

Agent-Based Modelling of Migration under Climate Change (Chris Smith, DPhil. 2013)

Cognitive Modelling of Strategy Selection and Adaptivity for Complex Dynamic Problem Solving (Alberto De Obeso Orendain, DPhil. 2011)

Cognitive modelling of analogical reasoning (Judith Grob, MSc. 2003)

Concept formation (Terry Stewart, MPhil, 2002)

Multiple-methods modelling language (Vicente Guerro-Rojo, DPhil. 1999)

Goal formulation in intelligent agents (Remedios Bulos, DPhil. 1999)