Professor Sinclair obtained a BSc in Biochemistry from UCL London and developed an interest in Cancer Virology during her PhD studies investigating Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund. A post-doctoral fellowship at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Germany, researching transcription control led to a post-doctoral fellowship at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in London, where she combined her interests in transcription control and the Caner Viruses by investigating a transcription factor network in Epstein-Barr virus. During a further period at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research as an assistant member of staff, Professor Sinclair developed an interest in the manipulation of cell-cycle control by Cancer Viruses. Professor Sinclair was recruited to the Biochemistry Department at the University of Sussex in 1996 where she currently directs a research group and teaches in the areas of infectious disease and cancer.

Professor Sinclair is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is the Subject Chair of Biochemistry and Biomedicine at the University of Sussex.


Current external activities:

Editorial Board:

Journal of Virology  

The Open Microbiology Journal

Virus Research

Microbiology Today


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STEM Ambassador

Brighton Sceince Festival

Microbiology Society Communications committee


Professor of Molecular Virology

Subject Chair for Biochemistry and Biomedicine,

Module Organiser: Advanced Methods in Molecular Research; Virology

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School Of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, Brighton. BN1 9QG. UK.

+44 1273 678194

Community and Business

Prof Sinclair leads the "DNA detectives" activities at the Brighton Science festival since 2013 and at the STEM festival for SE England since 2015.

 She also has discussed medical research careers with schools and science education with the Brighton Assembly. 

Prof Sinclair joined with Cafe Scientiique in Brighton (2016) to talk about "Viruses Invasion and Insurrection"


- Public engagement activities.