University of Sussex

Associate Tutor in Philosophy:

  • 1st Year UG course - Existentialism (Module Lecturer/ coordinator, Dr Tanja Staehler, School of History, Art History and Philosophy. Dept. of Philosophy)
  • 1st Year UG course - State Society and Humanity (Lecturer/ Convener: Dr. Andrew Chitty, HAHP, SPT)

Doctoral Tutor in Politics:

  • 2nd Year UG course - Modern Political Thought (Module Lecturer/ Convener: Dr. James Hampshire, School of Law, Politics and Sociology - Deptarment of Politics)

University of Brighton

Visisting Lecturer in Politics: 

  • 1st Year UG course - Introduction to Politics (Module Coordinator, Dr Chris Wyatt, as Part of the School of Applied Social Sciences. Dept. of Political Studies) 
  • 2nd Year UG Course - Political Ideas (Module Coordinator, Dr Chris Wyatt, School of Applied Social Sciences, Dept. of Political Studies)