Teaching 2017/18

Undergraduate LLB/GDL: Convenor of Law and Policy of the EU

Postgraduate: MSc: Convenor of Socio-Legal Research Methods


Postgraduate research supervision

Available in areas of European Law, Comparative Law, Feminist Legal Theory, Law and Gender, Constitutional Law, Human Rights




Current doctoral students

David Davies - A Comparative Analysis of Combatting Gender Stereotypes in Advertising and the Media

Michele Wilkinson - The Effectiveness of Local Authority Powers to Evit Travellers from Unauthorised Encampments

MaryFrances Lukera - Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health for Sex Workers in Kenya: A Human Rights Approach

Najmadeen Khorsheed - Federalism and the Distribution of Natural Resources in Iraq

Misozi Lwatula - A Critique of the Law on Gender Based Violence in Zambia

Gizem Guney - The Istanbul Convention - A Radical Feminist Critique 

Ebru Demir - Transformative Justice and Gender Justice for Women in Bosnia

Rachel Verdin - The Equal Pay Gap - Has the Gender Revolution Stalled? 

Antonia Murillo - Access to Justice - Judicial Review and the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman 


Recently completed doctoral students

2018 Hülya Kaya - The implementation of EU-Turkey Readmission Agreements and the Principle of Non-Refoulement

2018 Haydar Karaman - The Right of Conscientious Objection to Military Service in Turkey - A Comparison with International Standards on Alternative Civilian Service  

2018 Monica Beard - A Feminist Perspective on Victims of Sex-Trafficking and Domestic Violence Victims in the European Union

2014 Bugem Galip - Property Disputes in Cyprus and the European Court of Human Rights