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Current group members:



Alan StewartSenior Lecturer in Ecology.  Email:


Claire Harkin (PhD student) Ecological impact of a non-native insect, Prokelisia marginata

Helen Sida (MPhil student) Restoration of calcareous grassland on landfill sites

Richard Hazell (PhD student) Bird functional diversity along an altitudinal transect in Papua New Guinea


Previous research students / D. Phil. Theses:

Fisher Barham, D. (2010) The ecological interactions of the hemiparasite Rhinanthus minor and its invertebrate herbivores

Ewald, N.C. (2008) The impact of climate change on temporary pond macroinvertebrate communities

Sims, N.K.E. (2005) The ecological impacts of wild boar rooting in East Sussex.

Billiald, H.E. (2005) The life-cycle, development and ecology of the leaf weevil Phyllobius pyri (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Burton, H.M.C. (2005) Conservation ecology of biodiversity action plan listed reed beetles of the genus Donacia.

Booth, D. (2004) Sensory ecology of nocturnal insects: two evolutionary case studies.

Hawes, C. (1999) factors influencing communities of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in plantation forests.

Danahar, G.W. (1998) The influence of vegetation and microclimate on the structure of chalk grassland leafhopper communities.