Plant Evolutionary Ecology Lab

People & contacts

Current group members

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Maria Clara Castellanos

Lecturer in Evolution, Behaviour and Environment


 Chris Mackin


Christopher Mackin

PhD researcher

Floral evolution after range expansions



Andrés Romero-Bravo

PhD researcher

Plant plasticity and local adaptation to new pollinators



Julia Gegunde

PhD researcher based in CIDE, Valencia (Spain);
co-supervised with Juli Pausas

Ecology and evolution of post-fire flowering



Rachael Davies

PhD researcher
based at the Millennium Seed Bank | Kew

Phylogenetic, ecological, and physiochemical correlates of seed lifespan

Current Masters Students


Kaja Piekarska

Lucy Unwin

Xiangyu Yu

 Past members


Dr Yedra García

PhD (2019) based at CIDE in Valencia (Spain);
co-supervised with Juli Pausas

Plant-animal interactions in fire-prone ecosystems

Currently postdoctoral researcher at the University of New Brunswick

Masters Students


Alexandra Arthur-Worsop

Cheyenne Derwin

Oliver Dhakal

Tom Morphy