Maravall Lab

People & contacts

Lab members together at the 2022 Sussex Neuroscience party

Our lab at the Sussex Neuroscience 2022 party.

Left to right:

Bel Maranhao

Leverhulme PhD student (co-supervised by Warrick Roseboom)

Oluwaseyi (Seyi) Jesusanmi

Sussex Neuroscience 4-year PhD rotation student

Miguel Maravall


Yuri Elias Rodrigues

Postdoctoral research fellow

Moira Eley

Research technician and lab manager

Not yet in the picture:

Chrysovalantis Fekos

PhD student



We have been fortunate to work with several talented people, who have later gone on to varied positions and careers related to science:


Position in lab

Next/current position


Elena Giusto

Lab manager & technician, 2016-2019

Postdoctoral researcher, Fondazione Ospedale San Camillo IRCCS (Venice, Italy)

Malamati Bitzidou

PhD student, 2015-2019 Postdoctoral researcher, Francis Crick Institute (London, UK)

Michael Bale

Postdoc, 2013-2019 Technical Sales, Support and Service Manager, Photonic Science (UK)

Anna Pitas

PhD student, 2012-2016 Manager, Instituto Bernabeu (Alicante, Spain)

Giovanni Ferrati

PhD student, 2010-2015 Drug discovery lead, Neuro-bio Ltd (UK)

Francisco Martini

Postdoc, 2010-2012

Associate professor, Universidad Miguel Hernandez (Spain)

Ana Albarracín

Postdoc, 2009-2011

Faculty, INSIBIO, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (Argentina)

Brian Lundstrom

Postdoc, 2008-2009 (collaboration with A. Fairhall)

Assistant professor, Mayo Clinic (USA)

Manuel Molano-Mazón

PhD student, 2007-2013 (joint with L. Martínez)

Senior research associate, IDIBAPS Barcelona (Spain)

Andrea Alenda

Postdoc, 2006-2008

Research fellow, Imperial College London (UK)

Gabriel Puccini

Postdoc, 2006 (joint with A. Compte)

Faculty, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina)

Marta Díaz-Quesada

PhD student, 2004-2010