People & contacts

Current research group.



Dr Arthur David. EU FP7 Marie Curie Incoming European Fellow working on the project:  FISHMETABOLOME: Fishing for effluent-related biomarkers using metabolomics.





Andy Chetwynd. Second year PhD student working on : .  Development of ultraperfomance-liquid chromatography-time-of-flight-mass spectrometry analyses for large scale non-targeted metabolomics studies of human urine. 






Thomas Butterfield. First year PhD student, project on Chemical communication and identification of trail pheromones in ant colonies.





Ms Julia Horwood. Research technician. Highly skilled in use of steroid receptor transcription bioassays and sample preparation for metabolomic analyses.



Dr D Alvarez-Munoz: EU Interreg postdoctoral fellow investigating the nature of antiandrogenic contaminants in UK estuaries.

Ms Lynne Robinson Thesis submitted on Metabolomic consequences of ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) interactions with soil mutualists and antagonists.

Past research group

Postdoctoral fellows:

Dr Pawel Rostkowski- a postdoctoral fellow funded by EU Interreg. 20009-2012.

Dr Paolo Indiveri- a postdoctoral fellow funded by the EU FP7.2009-2012

Dr Camilla Liscio- an EU Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow.2010-2012

Dr D Alvarez-Munoz 2009-2011

Dr K Fenlon 2007-2009

Dr P Labadie 2004-2006.

Dr M Peck. 2002-2004

Dr R.Gibson 2001-2004.

Dr A Ferreira-Leach. 1999-2001.

Ph D students.

Dr Raghad Al Sahli. Investigations of the xenometabolome of fish exposed to wastewater effluents. Funded by the Iraqi Government. D. Phil awarded August 2012.

Dr Francis Oladapdo Profiles of antiandrogenic contaminants in wastewater effluents. Funded by the Nigerian Government. D. Phil awarded May 2012.

Dr K Evans. 2008

Dr A Flores. 2007

Dr M Smith. 2004

Dr G Coffa. 2001

Dr R Pedersen. 2000.