Interviews with scientists

Gravitational waves and the early universe

Mark Hindmarsh, Physics, University of Sussex

Stirling and heat engines

Roy Darlington

The Chemistry Teaching Lab at University of Sussex

Mick Henry, Chemistry, University of Sussex

Development of a spinning chair for a circus act

Rufus Marsh, Varndean College, Brighton

Is there life inside your PC?

Norman is an expert in plastics and polymer chemistry. Here we discuss the unusual things that can grow in the warm incubating environment of your own PC!

Reference: The Makers of Things website

Jonathan Hare talks to Professor Norman Billingham about his life in science

Norman is an expert in plastics and polymer chemistry. Here we discuss the science of preservation and conservation through the story of an old model steam engine.

Reference: The Makers of Things website

Life in Science: Jess Higgins

Jess is a PhD student in the research group of Prof Geoff Cloke FRS in Chemistry at Sussex University. She talks to me about her work, what inspires her and her route into science.

Life in Science: Richard Robinson

Richard set-up the Brighton Science Festival in 2005 and it has run every year since getting larger and more successful. Richard is an inspiring science communicator and has also worked in TV and film including Rainbow, Spitting Image and Star Wars.

Reference: Brighton Science Festival website

Life in Science: Linden Rowland

Linden will be talking about a free on-line program (report writer) which he has developed to help teachers prepare reports. We look at how the idea developed into a prototype and then into a worldwide service.

Reference: School Report Writer website

Life in Science: Prof. G. Jeffery Leigh OBE

Professor G. Jeffery Leigh OBE, School of Life Sciences, Sussex University

Sussex University has always supported unusual, interdisciplinary and innovative faculties. A good example of this was the Nitrogen Fixation Centre. Jeff Leigh was part of this exceptional work who's aim was to discover how nature uses nitrogen to create natural fertilisers.

His book: The Worlds Greatest Fix - A history of Nitrogen and Agriculture, 2004, Oxford Press. ISBN 0 19 516582 9