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Towards Gender Equality: Clashes in Law Conference

Friday 22 June 10:00 until 17:00
Speaker: Conference organisers: Gizem Guney, David Davies, Po Han Lee

Clashes between progressive and restrictive legislative reforms in the context of gender equality remain a characteristic of contemporary politics. We observe the first form of these clashes between domestic and international legal frameworks. Over the last decade, we have witnessed the destabilisation of gender equality through numerous pieces of legislation and policies at domestic level in contrast with the encouragement of progressive developments towards gender equality of the international human rights bodies. The second form of clashes occurs at domestic level where we come across both progressive and restrictive laws on gender equality in the same country.

Against this background, we are eager to interrogate both the contexts in which these clashes emerged and their influences upon gender equality. The question of how gender equality can or cannot be achieved not only relies on the examination of laws, but also requires an analysis of how these laws are produced by, and shape society. The conference will thus focus on probing, examining and theorising the clashes in law, which are presently becoming more salient and inescapable. In the course of such inquiries into the non-consistency between levels and realms of law and politics, there are opportunities for empirical, practical and theoretical reflections about the nature of ‘clashes’. In addition to papers from legal researches, we look forward to receiving proposals from an inter-disciplinary approach.

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By: Tanya Palmer
Last updated: Monday, 5 February 2018