Future of Work


The new Future of Work Research Hub is set to become a Centre of Excellence at Sussex building upon the reputation of current members of staff and increasing visibility for their collective research expertise. Thus, it serves as a platform for a diverse and multi-disciplinary research programme on The Future of Work.

Our members have broad expertise suitable to advance this research programme while their research falls under one or more of the five research themes:

  • Identity, Meaning and Engagement at Work
  • Technology, Work and Organization
  • Skills, Knowledge and Careers
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Globalization, Mobility and Labour Market Institutions

Such a research programme is timely and responds to emerging challenges that will influence the future of work across developed and developing country contexts, such as: the quality and availability of jobs that lead to fulfilling and meaningful careers; the consequences of technological changes and innovation on work organization processes and practices; the implications of skills gaps and shortages for productivity and organizational performance; the effects of migration flows and labour mobility on the diversity and composition of the workforce; the persistence of gender, race, health and wage inequalities and their knock-on effects on employees’ wellbeing and prosperity; the ability of employees to exercise voice, loyalty or exit through employee participation, engagement or lifelong learning; the challenges of globalization and the impact of the recession on labour market institutions and workplace practices.