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Beyond the Indian Ocean: Inter-Asian Environments from the Hindu Kush to the Himalayas - Future Research Agendas

Wednesday 17 October 13:00 until 14:30
Arts C333
Speaker: Shah Mahmoud Hanifi; Magnus Marsden; Vinita Damodaran
Part of the series: Sussex Asia Centre Seminars 2018

The Indian Ocean has recently been central to the examination of inter-Asian environmental dynamics, and the political, social and cultural aspects of these. More neglected, however, is the important role played by mountain ranges as connective vectors between Asian regions. This panel will explore the critical significance of such mountainous regions to inter-Asian environments, assessing why scholars have apparently found it so much harder to explore such connections as compared to their oceanic equivalents, and asking what scope lies for future research in this critical, yet poorly understood area of Asian studies.

Shah Mahmoud Hanifi (Professor of History at James Madison University); Magnus Marsden (Director, Sussex Asia Centre; Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Sussex); Vinita Damodaran (Professor of History, University of Sussex; Director of Centre for World Environmental History).


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By: James McMurray
Last updated: Monday, 13 August 2018