Centre for Cognitive Science (COGS)

Become a member

COGS now has hundreds of members and is still growing. Any members of the University with an interest in cognitive science are welcome to apply for membership to COGS. At a minimum, membership in COGS will entitle you to be listed on the COGS website and entitle you to participate in the COGS mailing lists. But membership also indicates a general willingness to support and participate in the life of the cognitive science community at Sussex, whether it be though research, teaching, giving a talk, entertaining a visiting speaker, attending the COGS seminars, or any number of activities that support these ventures.

If you would like to become a member, please indicate your interest via email to Simon Bowes. Please specify the category (faculty, researcher, affiliate, or student) under which your name should appear, as well as the web address you would like us to link to your name.

Those of you who are faculty and researchers (including research students) should include one to five keywords summarizing your fields, topics and methods of interest within cognitive science. Please see the list of keywords from the Cognitive Science Society for inspiration, but feel free to depart from it if necessary. If you are the director of a postgraduate programme in a cognitive-science related area, indicate whether you would like to link to that programme included on the COGS website. Similarly, if you are the director of a research group, indicate whether you would like your group listed on the website as a COGS-affiliated group. 

It is hoped that anyone in the University with interests in the area of cognitive science will wish to apply for membership to COGS, regardless of their past or present department or school. 

For further membership enquiries contact Simon Bowes. Any other COGS-related suggestions or questions should be sent to me at ronc@sussex.ac.uk.

We hope to continue to grow as a bustling research centre that promotes the difficult but rewarding task of connecting researchers who share a common scientific interest in understanding the many aspects of mind, whether intelligence, consciousness, learning, creativity, perception, emotion, and many more. If you feel you could benefit from our vast and varied network of researchers, we welcome you to join us.

Ron Chrisley

Director of COGS

For membership enquiries