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New policy brief looks at ways to accelerate the spread of electric vehicles in Europe

7 August 2018

A new policy brief by CIED Director Professor Benjamin Sovacool and Aarhus University colleagues makes recommendations on how to speed up EV uptake.

Policy mix characteristics and low carbon innovation

6 August 2018

A new paper by Karoline Rogge shows a positive link between the consistency and credibility of the climate policy mix and low carbon innovation.

Leading sustainability experts call for more efficient approach to deliver UN goals

11 July 2018

Dozens of global sustainability experts and stakeholders have called for urgent action to deliver UN goals.

Sussex students help to hold UK government to account over climate change

19 June 2018

Students from Global Studies could be part of a UK legal first.

Sussex Sustainability funds six interdisciplinary research projects

15 December 2017

The Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP) Fund has completed its second call for proposals and has made six full funding awards.

Asa Briggs Visiting Fellowships Round 2: call for applications

20 November 2017

The second round of this prestigious scheme is now open. The Fellowships will enable internationally outstanding academics to visit Sussex.

New report shows that inaction on climate change has ‘jeopardised human life’

31 October 2017

New research shows that the human symptoms of climate change are unequivocal and the delayed response over the past 25 yrs has jeopardised human life.

Major new project launched to improve drought and flood forecasting in Kenya

25 September 2017

University of Sussex leads on major new four-year project which aims to improve drought and flood forecasting in Kenya.

Facing disasters: lessons from a Bangladeshi island

29 August 2017

Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson writes in The Conversation The death toll of Bangladesh’s brutal monsoon season keeps growing. Authorities estimate that...

“I initially wanted to be a weather forecaster on TV – until I realised you could study climate change.”

20 July 2017

Sussex graduate Dr Melissa Lazenby, explains why studying African climate change was a very personal choice for her.

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