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Academics from Universities of Ghana and Sussex shape thinking on science for the Sustainable Development Goals

12 July 2019

Academics convened at an expert workshop in Accra on 25 June to discuss how science, research and academia can help achieve these important goals.

New CWEH Blog post

10 July 2019

From Low-Carbon Economy to Zero-Carbon Economy: Why It Can’t Come Soon Enough

2019 Sussex International Theory Prize

26 June 2019

The Prize Committee decided after a stimulating meeting to award the prize to: Geoff Mann & Joel Wainwright, Climate Leviathan: A Political...

SSRP workshop on research methods a success

14 June 2019

On 5 June, the SSRP hosted a workshop titled Research Methods for Sustainability: social science meets natural science, and something in-between.

El Niño in World History wins Atmospheric Science Librarians International award

14 February 2019

The book El Niño in World History by Richard Grove and George Adamson has won an award. The Atmospheric Science Librarians International...

Five years of CIED research published as an edited book

14 December 2018

Research by the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) has been published as a book edited by Kirsten Jenkins and Debbie Hopkins.

Sussex Sustainability Research Programme responds to IPCC report

12 October 2018

‘Smart strategies’ can reduce emissions and more, according to researchers. SSRP researchers respond to the IPCC SR15 report with a message of hope.

Labour energy strategy informed by expert group featuring CIED researcher

28 September 2018

A Doctoral Researcher at CIED was part of the project team whose expert briefing note informed the UK Labour Party’s energy strategy.

Low carbon innovation in non-domestic buildings

13 August 2018

Mix of policies are needed to encourage effective low-carbon innovation and subsequently deliver radical carbon emissions reductions in new buildings.

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