STEPS Centre

The STEPS Centre is a global research and policy engagement Centre that links social science researchers at IDS and SPRU with natural scientists and partners around the world, funded by the ESRC. Amidst the complex challenges posed by climate change, the Centre's work promotes understanding and action geared to 'negotiating complexity in a dynamic world', and 'making science and technology work for people and the environment', focused especially around a 'pathways approach' to connect environmental sustainability with poverty reduction and social justice for marginalised and vulnerable people. Our work explores the intersections and implications of climate change for food and agriculture, health and disease, water and sanitation, and energy issues. Key themes include the politics of knowledge, and whose perspectives count in understanding climate change-related issues - exploring the potential for the knowledge and action of poorer people themselves to make a difference; the relationship between climate change-related innovations and technologies, and questions of distribution - who gains or loses; and questions of citizenship and participation in transitions to more sustainable futures, including low-carbon energy and land management systems.

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