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Business Finance Research Group

The Business Finance cross disciplinary research group combines traditional corporate finance with entrepreneurship perspectives to provide a unique understanding of Business Finance in post-crisis Europe. The group focuses on company finance in both public and private companies as well as the evolution of start-ups to different types of public and private companies, examining the roles of venture capital and other intermediaries such as accounting firms and investment banks in facilitating this transition.

The Business Finance research group sits within the Department of Accounting and Finance.

News and upcoming events


Dr Xiaoxiang Zhang (application in progress)
BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants SRG 2019-20 Round:
Project: SRG1920\101581 - Sustainable investing by mutual funds and their transparency level to end investors: the impacts on managerial myopic R&D investment behaviour (£10,000)

Prof. Hans Van Der Heijden (application in progress)
Hans is developing a grant proposal for InnovateUK, as part of a consortium which includes several accountancy firms, an IT company, Durham University and Sussex University. The aim of the project is to develop a neural network that will classify the future health of a company based on current financial data.

Dr Mostak Ahmed (application in progress)
BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants SRG 2019-20 Round: Inclusive financial policy, bank lending, and women entrepreneurship (£9,823.00)

Dr Mostak Ahmed and Prof. Ranko Jelic (application in progress)
University of Sussex Business School - Small Scale Seed Corn Funding (S3CF): Inclusive financial policy, bank lending, and women entrepreneurship  (£1,850)

Upcoming events: 

BF brown bag seminar: 19th March 2019; 12,30; Xiaoxiang Zhang, title tba

BF external speaker seminar: 26th March 2019; 12,30; Dr. Ralph De Haas from European Bank for Restructuring and Development (EBRD): “Surviving a banking crisis”.

BF external speaker seminar: 23rd April 2010; Prof. Barbara Casu Lukac from Cass Business School. Title tba.

See the Business Finance Seminar series listings page for further information.