Time and Place: 1861: The Coming of the American Civil War (V1425D)

15 credits, Level 5

Spring teaching

In 1861 the United States stood on the brink of civil war. Seven Deep South states had seceded from the Union in the wake of Abraham Lincoln's presidential victory. By April all hopes of peace had been extinguished. This module probes the causes of a conflict that resulted in the deaths of at least 620,000 Americans. It begins with President Polk's decision to go to war against Mexico in 1846, a disastrous policy mistake that resulted in divisive political debate over the expansion of slavery into territory ceded by the Mexicans after their surrender. It charts the ill-fated Compromise of 1850, the subsequent demise of a national party system that had held the Union together since the 1830s, the rise of North-South tensions in the wake of the Kansas-Nebraska Act's passage, the sources of southern proslavery nationalism in the 1850s, the outbreak of sectional infighting in Kansas, the rise of the antislavery Republican Party, the South's response to Lincoln's election, and the refusal of most northerners to allow the southern states to secede from the Union. Although the module is primarily political in focus, close attention is given to the social and economic context in which the sectional crisis occurred. The module is placed in a clear historiographical framework.


100%: Lecture

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