Aziz Foundation Scholarship (2024)

The Aziz Foundation is awarding full tuition fee Masters scholarships to five exceptional British Muslims, lacking the financial means to complete postgraduate degrees, at the University of Sussex for the 2024/25 academic year. These scholarships aim to empower British Muslims to bring positive change to their communities and beyond.

What you get

Full fee waiver

Type of award

Full tuition fee waiver


  • Who is eligible

    To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

    • Be eligible for 'Home' fee status
    • Be applying for a Masters in Media and Journalism, Sports, Arts and Culture, Sustainability and Environment, Technology, Policy or Law
    • Be active within  a Muslim community and demonstrate intimate knowledge of issues affecting British Muslim communities
    • Be Zakat-eligible/in financial need
    • Demonstrate excellent understanding of your chosen industry and how to progress witin it, with relevant prior experience and/or achievements in the field
    • Demonstrate knowledge of how the course will enable you to generate social impact
    • Demonstrate long-term commitment to community/societal development within Britain 
    • Show how the course will increase your effectiveness in one of the following areas relating to British Muslims: 

    Effective Advocacy and Enhance Public Perception – facilitating better representation and contribution of Muslims to civil society to combat Islamophobia and positively transform perceptions of British Muslims 

    Community Service and Social Development – raising the aspirations and standards within British Muslim communities

  • Who isn’t eligible

    You are not eligible for this scholarship if you:

    • Are applying for a Masters at a university that is not at the University of Sussex
    • Are progressing into the final year of an integrated Masters at Sussex
    • Are studying an online course
    • Are already holding another University of Sussex scholarship (i.e Chancellors Masters Scholarship)
    • Are studying one of the Excluded courses listed below.
  • Excluded courses

    You are not eligible for this scholarship if you are going to study any of the following:

    • Certificates and Diplomas
    • Courses at IDS
    • Early Years Education (with Early Years Teacher status)
    • MBA
    • Degrees in Social Work (if receiving an NHS bursary)
    • Online courses
    • BSMS courses
    • PGCE courses
    • Schools direct teaching courses
    • Any Masters funded by the research councils (e.g. those receiving ESRC 1+3 funding)

Number of scholarships available

Up to 5 scholarships are available


30 June 2024 23:59

How to apply

To apply for an Aziz Foundation scholarship, please visit the Aziz Foundation website

The successful applicants will be selected through an interview process run by the Aziz Foundation. The scholarship will cover only the tuition fees at the University of Sussex. Applicants do not need to hold an offer prior to applying. However, please note that admission to the scholarship programme will depend on Sussex’s separate admissions process.

Funding partners

The University of Sussex is one of the Aziz Foundation’s preferred partners. These institutions:

  • share core values with the Aziz Foundation and actively promote Widening Participation at postgraduate level   
  • are aware of concerns of unconscious bias and addressing the BaME attainment gap
  • provide specific cultural and social support to BaME students

Contact us


At level(s):
PG (taught)

Application deadline:
30 June 2024 23:59 (GMT)


The award is available to people from the following country: