Electives and pathways

Enhance your studies with optional modules and specialise in areas you’re interested in.

Customise your course with Education modules

We offer a number of electives (usually worth 15 credits), as well as pathways (worth 60 credits and taken during Years 1 and 2) which you can take alongside your regular modules.

Education pathways

Our Education pathways can be taken alongside the regular modules of your undergraduate course to enhance your studies. They can help you specialise in an area you’re interested in and make your course more varied. Pathways are worth 60 academic credits and, when you graduate, will be reflected in the title of your award. Our pathways include:

  • Education Pathway
  • International Education and Development Pathway
  • Wellbeing Pathway.

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Education electives

Electives are the individual modules that make up pathways. In most cases, they can be taken independently, so you can take one or more modules from a pathway, gaining only the credits each module is worth (usually 15). If you do not take the full pathway, the additional modules you take will not be reflected within the name of your final degree. 

Some of the Education modules you can take as electives include:

  • Access, Equity and Gender
  • Education, Peacebuilding and Conflict
  • Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in Education
  • Power in the classroom: global perspectives on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment.

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