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Energy experts test climate of opinion at Copenhagen

9 December 2009

The drive towards a sustainable energy economy is one of the main challenges facing the planet in the 21st Century.

Tiger Woods is driving force behind book’s comeback

4 December 2009

Tiger Woods’ much-publicsised car prang has boosted sales of one of Sussex scientist John Gribbin's books.

Lecturer joins debate on Shakespeare’s ‘life’ at Globe

4 December 2009

The question “who was Shakespeare?” fascinates leading scholars such as University of Sussex Professor of English Brian Cummings.

Culture and universities ‘boost coastal town fortunes’

2 December 2009

Fading seaside towns can enjoy a new lease of life via cultural and university projects, says new research from the University of Sussex.

Design students give family home eco-makeover for TV show

30 November 2009

Design students transformed a Sussex family home into an environmentally friendly designer des-res for ITV1's Tonight show.

URF shines at national radio awards

27 November 2009

University Radio Falmer (URF) has taken a top prize at the National Student Radio Awards.

University sets out proposals for its future development

24 November 2009

The University of Sussex announced to its staff today (24 November 2009) a package of measures intended to strengthen its position among the UK's...

Emily repeats sporting success

20 November 2009

Business and management student at the University of Sussex, Emily Llewellyn, has been awarded her second Young Sports Personality of the Year Award.

Airbrushed ads damaging a generation of young women, say experts

10 November 2009

A University of Sussex psychologist is the lead author of a report condemning the use of ultra-thin, digitally altered women in adverts.

Sussex academics help The One Show talk to the animals

9 November 2009

When the BBC’s One Show needed help with a series of wildlife films about animal communication, they called on Unviersity of Sussex scientists.

Items 1791 to 1800 of 1812

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