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Happier families: The kids (and mum & dad) are alright (audio only) Professor Alison Pike
Distant voices, living music: hearing the past and writing the present Professor Ed Hughes
Draper Lecture 2019 - Human Rights and Leadership in a Lawless World Paul van Zyl
Holocaust Memorial Day at Sussex: 'Anita Lasker-Wallfisch and Niklas Frank in conversation with Trudy Gold' Anita Lasker-Wallfisch and Niklas Frank
Holocaust Memorial Day at Sussex: ‘September 1939 and the Fate of Europe’s Jews’ Professor Richard Overy, University of Exeter
Why the US is Not a "Nation of Immigrants" (audio only) Professor Maria Lauret
A vision of successful education in Africa through the agency of research (audio only) Professor Kwame Akyeampong
We had the experience but missed the meaning (Dry Salvages, T.S.Eliot): Reflecting on reflection (audio only) Professor Gillian Ruch
The mathematics of epidemics on networks: taming complexity (audio only) Professor Istvan Kiss
Education, conflict, war and peace: Between governance and resistance (audio only) Professor Mario Novelli
Forests, famine and communities: Towards an environmental history of eastern India (audio only) Professor Vinita Damodaran
‘Food-work city’: Oral histories of and for changing places (audio only) Professor Ben Rogaly
Who framed American English? Professor Lynne Murphy
Re-interpreting the Sounds of World War I (audio only) Professor Michael Bull
What can we learn from humble insects to build better AI? Professor Thomas Nowotny
Running in the family: Can we help anxious parents to raise confident children? Professor Sam Cartwright-Hatton
‘I Shall Not Hate’ (audio only) Dr Izzeldin Abuelaish
Sex, gender and sexuality in Europe: Sinking in quicksand? (audio only) Professor Nuno Ferreira
The road to immortality: Insights from a cancer virus  Professor Michelle West 
Issues in Criminal Justice Lecture 2018 - Can we have a fully integrated and equal society? Or is it just a pipe dream? Dame Louise Casey DBE CB
Draper Lecture 2017 - Human Rights and the Politics of Compassion Martha Spurrier, Director of Liberty  
Feelings at Work in Modern Britain (audio only) Professor Claire Langhamer
The Tendency of Utopia to Disappoint: Digital technologies and Future Hopes (audio only) Professor Caroline Bassett
Martin Wight Memorial Lecture 2017 - Trust and Distrust in Russia: The Heritage of the October Revolution re-examined (audio only) Professor Geoffrey Hoskin OBE FBA
Hic Sunt Leones – Hunting for New Physics at the Large Hadron Collider (audio only) Professor Antonella De Santo
Your brain on drugs: not the same everywhere (audio only) Professor Aldo Badiani 
The Famous Five Acting Otherwise: The Significance of Scope and Scale in Children’s Agency and Social Actorship (audio only) Professor Jo Moran-Ellis
Traversing the Academy: Experimental Arts Before and After Austerity (audio only) Professor Gavin Butt
Thinking through ‘family’, thinking across contexts (audio only) Professor Janet Boddy
W(h)ither Public Law? (audio only) Professor Lindsay Stirton
Seeing in Colour (audio only) Professor Anna Franklin
Reproductive Politics in India: Giving the Body a Voice (audio only) Professor Maya Unnithan
Living Standards in Britain Since the Industrial Revolution (audio only) Professor Ian Gazeley
Clusters of Galaxies: The Shy Giants of the Cosmos (audio only) Professor Kathy Romer
Black Holes: From Astrophysics to the Large Hadron Collider (audio only) Professor Xavier Calmet
Balls, Rods and Sheets Nanoscale Building Blocks For Tomorrow’s Technologies (audio only) Professor Alan Dalton
Founding Historians Lecture 2016 - The Commonwealth and South Africa: From Smuts to Mandela (audio only) Professor Saul Dubow
Britain's President, America's Prime Minister: Transatlantic Commemorations of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill (audio only) Professor Clive Webb
Listening Publics: Media, Modernity & Citizenship (audio only) Professor Kate Lacey
Draper Lecture 2016 - The Rise of the Cyber Judge Lord Justice Fulford
The Making of an Ally: the sources and history of Israel – US Special Relations (audio only) Professor David Tal
Consciousness: What in the world is it? (Making the future 2016) Professor Anil Seth   
Hearing colours and tasting words: The kaleidoscopic world of synaesthesia (Making the future 2016) Professor Jamie Ward   
Complex organic molecules in interstellar space (Making the future 2016) Professor Wendy Brown   
Invasion and insurrection: A virus in action (Making the future 2016) Professor Alison Sinclair   
Institutions: Female leadership in community governed financial organisations and financial management (Making the future 2016) Professor John Forker   
Corruption and anti-corruption: The challenge of our time? (Making the future 2016) Professor Dan Hough   

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