18 December 2023: Online Symposium on Authentic Assessment in Law: Critical and Practical Reflections

20 September 2023: ‘Generative AI and Law Assessments’ with Prof Stuart Hargreaves, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Invited guest speaker).

26th April 2023:Defining and developing a learning-focused feedback culture’ with Professor Naomi Winstone, University of Surrey (Invited guest speaker).

27 April 2022: ‘Authentic assessment: what is it & how do we do it?’ led by Jeanette Ashton, Jo Wilson, and the Academic Development Team at the University of Sussex.

2 February 2022: ‘Finding a way to make formative assessments work’ led by Dr Verona Ní Drisceoil.

14 September 2021: ‘MCQS Made Easy’ led by Paven Basuita, Verona Ní Drisceoil and Kieran Durcan.

26 November 2020: ‘Your Teachers as Researchers: Changing Research Culture’ led by Verona Ní Drisceoil and Bal Sokhi-Bulley.

29 July 2020: ‘Decolonising the Curriculum: A Conversation’ led by Verona Ní Drisceoil, Bal Sokhi-Bulley, Elizabeth Craig and Ali Kassem.

24 April 2020: ‘Mainstreaming Gender Pedagogy in the Law School’ with Tamsin-Hinton Smith and Rosa Marvell, Department of Education and Social Work, University of Sussex. (Invited guests).