Portrait of Jo Bridgeman

 Jo Bridgeman: Professor of Healthcare Law & Feminist Ethics. Jo’s research adopts a critical feminist perspective informed by and developing the feminist ethics of care in consideration of parental, professional and state responsibilities to children. Jo has published widely on the medical treatment of children, including: the care of children with complex needs; parental responsibility for children undergoing treatment for cancer; withholding/withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment from a child; issues arising from the Bristol Royal Infirmary Inquiry. The focus of Jo’s research is upon the legal regulation of the medical treatment of children. Her current work is examining the role of the Children’s Guardian in children’s medical treatment cases.

 Portrait Mark Davies

Mark Davies: Reader in Law

Portrait Marianna Iliadou
Marianna IliadouLecturer in Law. Marianna’s principal areas of research include healthcare law and ethics, human rights and, in particular, reproductive rights. Her PhD explored surrogacy and its possible protection under the umbrella of the European Convention on Human Rights. Titled ‘Surrogacy and the European Convention on Human Rights’, the project examined the potential violation of the right to respect for private and family life by Contracting States that impose a blanket ban on surrogacy. In the course of her investigation, special consideration was given to commercial and cross-border surrogacy, in addition to the need for an international convention on surrogacy. Beyond her doctoral studies, Marianna’s research focuses on medically assisted reproduction and legal parenthood, the human rights and reproductive justice frameworks, and domestic and international surrogacy practices within and beyond Europe.

Portrait Maria Moscati

Maria Moscati: Reader in Law and Society


Portrait Ruth Stirton

Ruth Stirton: Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Law

Portrait Kenny Veitch

Kenneth Veitch: Senior Lecturer in Law

Portrait Peter West-Oram

Peter West-OramSenior Lecturer in Bioethics (Clinical and Experimental Medicine)

 Doctoral Students  

Portrait Laurenne Ajayi

Laurenne Ajayi: Doctoral Tutor

Portrait Chay Burt

Chay BurtDoctoral Tutor