Faculty research interests and areas for doctoral supervision

Find out more below about faculty interest areas and if you want to study a PhD, you can contact the relevant academic in your area of interest.

Photo of Jeanette AshtonJeanette Ashton
Senior Lecturer

Giorgia Baldi
Lecturer in Law
gender studies, gender and religion

Paven Basuita
Lecturer in Law

Photo of Stephanie BerryStephanie Berry
Senior Lecturer in International Human Rights Law
minority rights, migrant rights, freedom of religion or belief, international human rights law

Photo of Jo BridgemanJo Bridgeman
Professor of Healthcare Law & Feminist Ethics
children medical treatment, responsibilities, public and private law

Photo of Qingxiu BuQingxiu Bu
Senior Lecturer in Corporate/CommercialLaw

Photo of Fiona ClementsFiona Clements
Lecturer in Law
student well-being

Photo of Elizabeth CraigElizabeth Craig
Senior Lecturer
minority rights, League of Nations, minority mechanisms, minority rights monitoring, European minority rights, internalisation

Photo of Helen DancerHelen Dancer
Senior Lecturer in Law and Anthropology
forests, posthuman, earth law, ecological approaches, ecomusicology, legal anthropology

Photo of Mark DaviesMark Davies
Reader In Law
professions, conduct, ethics, negligence, higher education

Photo of Kieran DurcanKieran Durcan
Senior Lecturer in Law

Photo of Moira DustinMoira Dustin
gender, migration, equality, human rights, multiculturalism, religion

Photo of Paul EdenPaul Eden
Senior Lecturer in Law

Hadir Elshafay
Lecturer in Citizenship and Education
citizenship, urban justice, urban governance, disability justice

Photo of Matthew EvansMatthew Evans
Senior Lecturer in Law
human rights especially socioeconomic rights, transitional justice and transformative justice, advocacy networks, social movements, trade unions, interdisciplinarity and post-disciplinarity

Salvatore Fasciana
Lecturer in Law
copyright, video games, artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology, virtual world, technology and society

Photo of Nuno FerreiraNuno Ferreira
Professor of Law
human rights; discrimination law; children's rights; LGBTIQ+ rights; asylum and refugee law; European law

Simon Flacks
Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice
parental substance (mis)use, drugs, family justice

Photo of Shahrzad FouladvandShahrzad Fouladvand
Senior Lecturer in International Criminal Law
transnational crime, human traffiicking, modern slavery, money laundering, corruption, victims

Photo of Maria FrabboniMaria Frabboni
Senior Lecturer in Law
copyright, licensing, access, public interest

Photo of Matthew GarrodMatthew Garrod
Senior Lecturer in Law
international law jurisdiction, international crime, terrorism, counter-terrorism

Photo of Gianluca GentiliGianluca Gentili
Lecturer In Law

Photo of Ahmad GhouriAhmad Ghouri
Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law
international law, international investment law, global capitalism, law and political economy

Photo of Sabrina GilaniSabrina Gilani
Senior Lecturer in Law and Critical Theory
punishment, new materialism, posthumanism, socio-materiality, vital materialism

Richard Glover
Senior Lecturer in Criminal Law
protest, criminal evidence, human rights, history

Photo of Andres GuadamuzAndres Guadamuz
Reader In Intellectual PropertyLaw
copyright and artificial intelligence, blockchains, NFTs, smart contracts

Photo of Edward GuntripEdward Guntrip
Senior Lecturer in International Law
international investment law, investment arbitration, international human rights law, deep seabed mining, outer space law

Photo of Sirko HarderSirko Harder
Reader in Law
choice of law contract, damages, foreign judgements, international jurisdiction, tort

Photo of Christian HendersonChristian Henderson
Professor of International Law
use of force, self-defence, armed conflict, peace, collective security

Photo of Bonnie HolliganBonnie Holligan
Senior Lecturer in Law
environmental markets, property rights, carbon trading, biodiversity net gain, conservation covenants

Photo of Helena HoweHelena Howe
Senior Lecturer in Law
animals, farming, dogs breeding, earth

Photo of Pablo Iglesias-RodriguezPablo Iglesias-Rodriguez
Senior Lecturer in International Finance Law

Photo of Marianna IliadouMarianna Iliadou
Lecturer in Law
surrogacy, ECHR, reproductive rights, healthcare law, legal parenthood

Photo of John JuppJohn Jupp
Senior Lecturer in Law
terrorism, counter-terrorism, far-right extremism, legal development, Afganistan

Photo of Ioannis KatsaroumpasIoannis Katsaroumpas
Lecturer in Employment Law

Ashleigh Keall
Lecturer in Law
religion, constitutional law, harm, equality, feminist legal theory

Photo of Heather KeatingHeather Keating
Emeritus Professor

Photo of Tarik KochiTarik Kochi
Professor of Legal and Political Theory
authoritarian, populism, conspiracy theory

Photo of Mary LeeMary Lee
School Tutor In Law

Photo of Darcy LeighDarcy Leigh
settler colonialism, far right, race, gender, sexuality, social movements

Photo of Phoebe LiPhoebe Li
Reader in Law and Technology
technology regulation, artificial intelligence, intellectual property, parents, ethics and governance

Photo of Mary Frances LukeraMary Frances Lukera
Lecturer in Law

Photo of Emily LydgateEmily Lydgate
Professor of Environmental Law

William McCready

Photo of Donald McgillivrayDonald Mcgillivray
Professor of Environmental Law

Photo of Maria MoscatiMaria Moscati
Reader in Law and Society
dispute resolution, comparative legal studies (focus on kinship and family), children's rights, LGBTIQ+, reproductive and health cultures, dance/movement and the law, hormones and the law

Photo of Aisling O'SullivanAisling O'Sullivan
Senior Lecturer in Law

Photo of Emanuela OrlandoEmanuela Orlando
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Law
environment, corporate liability, due diligence, human rights

Photo of Tanya PalmerTanya Palmer
Senior Lecturer
sexual offences, coercive control, sex work, criminal law, consent, sexual violation

Photo of Neil PartingtonNeil Partington
Senior Lecturer
negligence, sport coaching

Photo of Amir Paz-FuchsAmir Paz-Fuchs
Professor of Law and Social Justice

Photo of Cath SenkerCath Senker
Lecturer in Academic Skills and Student
belonging, awarding gaps, institutional racism

Photo of Jessica ShursonJessica Shurson
Lecturer in Law
digital surveillance, privacy, jurisdiction, evidence, cybercrime

Photo of Stephen ShuteStephen Shute
Professor of Criminal Law & Criminal Justice
Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Photo of Jack Simson CairdJack Simson Caird
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Photo of Charlotte SkeetCharlotte Skeet
Senior Lecturer in Law

Photo of Joanna SmallwoodJoanna Smallwood
Senior Lecturer in Law
biodiversity, rights of nature, international law and policy, implementation

Photo of Bal Sokhi-BulleyBal Sokhi-Bulley
Senior Lecturer in Law and Critical Theory
human rights, protest, citizenship, friendship, Foucault, decolonial approaches

Photo of Lindsay StirtonLindsay Stirton
Professor of Public Law
constitutionals, cultural theory, administrative justice, Commonwealth Caribbean

Photo of Ruth StirtonRuth Stirton
Senior Lecturer in Healthcare LAw
healthcare law, regulation, intersectionality, human rights

Teresa Sutton
Senior Lecturer in Law

Photo of Erika SzyszczakErika Szyszczak
Emeritus Professor

Photo of Judith TownendJudith Townend
Reader in Digital Society and Justice
freedom of expression, access to information, open justice, data rights and governance, media and journalism policy

Photo of Kenneth VeitchKenneth Veitch
Senior Lecturer
healthcare law, contract and healthcare law, sociology of healthcare law, COVID contracts, social impact bonds, healthcare law and capitalism

Photo of Samantha VellutiSamantha Velluti
Reader in Law
external relations, social trade, human rights, migration/asylum, climate change

Photo of Richard VoglerRichard Vogler
Professor of Comparative Criminal Law & Criminal Justice
criminal justice, due process, police, prosecution, courts

Photo of Mark WaltersMark Walters
Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology
hate crime, criminal law, criminal justice reform, policing, restorative justice

Photo of Lucy WelshLucy Welsh
Reader in Criminal Justice
criminal justice and procedure, access to justice, legal profession

Jo Wilding
Lecturer in Law
legal aid, legal advice, social welfare law, immigration law

Photo of Jo WilsonJo Wilson
Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law
legal education, authentic assessment, engagement in the classroom