Department of Informatics

Postgraduate poster prizes

Each year the School of Engineering and Informatics holds a poster presentation event for postgraduate students, with guests invited from industry. At the event, prizes are awarded for the best MSc and PhD student posters. Below are the Informatics prize-winners and links to their posters:


Three Informatics students were awarded cash prizes, with an additional "Honourable Mention" certificate presented in recognition of a very high standard of work.

A prize of £200 for the Best MSc Poster was awarded to James Sammut for his poster Flocking: Algorithmic Simulation of Shoaling Fish.

Two £100 prizes for runners up in the Best MSc Poster category went to Alessandra Williams-Bellotti for her poster Using Distributional Semantics for Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation, and to Antonio Bernardo for his poster Brilliant, Smart, Intelligent eBook Reader.

An "Honourable Mention" was awarded to PhD student Aleksandar Savkov for his poster Extracting Information from GP Notes Text.

Postgraduate Poster Presentation Gallery 2013


The prize of £200 for Best PGR Poster was awarded to Andrew Robertson for his poster Extracting syntactic structure from microblogs.

The prize of £200 for Best MSc Poster was awarded to Olga Lukyanova for her poster Using the Braid Theory for Description of Neural Networks.

There were also two £100 prizes for runners up in the Best MSc Poster category, which went to Mariana Rojas-Morao for her poster Energy Efficient Programming, and to Konstantinos Tolias for his poster Ask the Audience Style Voting via Smartphone App.

Postgraduate Poster Presentation Gallery 2012