Department of Engineering and Design

Global Design Challenge

The Global Design Challenge (GDC) is a unique, core module for all first year students in the School of Engineering, Design and Informatics at Sussex. Students work on solutions to real-world design problems, take part in interdisciplinary teams and increase their international perspective.

GDC introThe module provides students with the opportunity to work in interdisciplinary teams of 4 or 5 and develop design solutions from briefs provided by the Engineers without Borders (EwB) Challenge. Briefs address real-world, sustainable development projects proposed by an EwB partner organisation working within a community anywhere in the world. These problems require to consider both the technical and cultural dimensions of a design problem in arriving at an appropriate solution.

The module is given during the intersession week of the Spring term. It consists of facilitated workshop sessions and lectures from visiting speakers. Teams complete a range of structured design activities. They start from initial analysis of the project brief considering sustainable development goals, and use techniques for idea generation and human-centred design. Trained facilitators ensure that they meet progress goals.

This is a pass or fail module. Students will need to pass to ensure progress to their second year. Assessment is based entirely on the quality of a short group presentation and on their engagement during the workshops. The best project ideas compete in the national EwB Challenge final.