Department of Education

Continuing Professional Development

The Department of Education at the University of Sussex offers training for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) - both within the UK and internationally. Examples of areas covered by staff training programmes include curriculum design, professional knowledge, assessment, reflective practice, educational psychology, and disability and inclusion.

We enjoy long-standing relationships with local schools, enabling trainees to receive excellent support from schools offering professional placements - from experienced teachers who act as mentors and dedicated university tutors. 

Through a combination of lectures, workshops, hands-on learning and site and cultural visits, participants have opportunities to enjoy stimulating developmental opportunities to deepen their understanding of educational innovations. They are also supported in considering ways of strengthening the quality of their teaching through reflection and research into the particularities and complexities of their own contexts.

Participants are challenged and supported to develop approaches which not only develop their classroom practice, but can be sustainably shared with others in school and in partnership contexts.