International Symposium on the Computational Modelling and Analysis of Vehicle Body Noise and Vibration

University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.
27-28 March 2012.


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Scope of the Symposium

The analysis of automotive vehicle body noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) requires the use of verified modelling and computational tools which are capable of handling a wide array of uncertainty that normally arises within production vehicles.  Confident and efficient prediction of both structural and acoustic responses to a wide variety of dynamic loading is needed across a wide frequency range taking account of any significant uncertainty.  Given the various methods of vehicle body fabrication, joining, and welding, this is a major challenge at any frequency, even for conventional vehicles, but is especially difficult in the mid-frequency region. Moreover the challenge is expected to grow over the coming decades for Low Carbon and Hybrid vehicles, which will increasingly use downsized IC engines, Range Extender engines, and lightweight vehicle bodies comprising  a mix of conventional, high-strength alloys, and composite materials.

This Symposium will create an ideal opportunity for industrial and academic researchers to present and discuss, in a single-session event, new vehicle-body NVH results in the areas of modelling, computation, analysis, experimental measurement, and verification.

Papers should focus on uncertain vehicle-body noise and vibration issues arising in the following areas:

  • Low-frequency modelling and analysis
  • High-frequency modelling and analysis
  • Mid-frequency and hybrid modelling methods
  • Statistical modelling and prediction
  • Non-statistical modelling and prediction
  • Monte Carlo simulation and fast computation
  • Modelling and analysis of uncertain composite structures
  • Vibro-acoustic analysis of absorbent and porous materials
  • Experimental measurement and method verification
  • Vehicle response measurements and method verification

Abstracts and full-length papers will be reviewed in accordance with the key-dates.

The Schedule of speakers and activities at the Symposium is now available.

Scientific Committee

Stijn Donders
Julian Dunne
Otto Gartmeier
Peter Göransson
Michael Hanss
Louis Jezequel
Robin Langley
Brian Mace
David Moens
John Mottershead
Gregor Tanner
Dirk Vandepitte
Keith Worden

(LMS Belgium)
(University of Sussex UK)
(Daimler and KTH)
(KTH Sweden)
(Stuttgart University Germany)
(Ecole Centrale de Lyon France)
(University of Cambridge UK)
(ISVR/Auckland University New Zealand)
(KUL Belgium)
(University of Liverpool UK)
(University of Nottingham UK)
(KUL Belgium)
(University of Sheffield UK)

Key dates

1 July 2011
1 August 2011
15 October 2011
15 December 2011
22 January 2012

Deadline for Abstracts.
Acceptance of abstracts and request for full paper.
Submission of full paper.
Reviewers' comments to authors.
Submission of final paper.


1 December 2011
31 January 2012
27-28 March 2012


Registration opens.
End of early-bird Registration.
Symposium at Sussex University


Local Organising Committee

Julian Dunne (Chair)
Colin Bennett
Richard Chambers
Naser Sayma
William Wang
Gang Xie