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Economics and Politics (with a study abroad year)

(BA) Economics and Politics (with a study abroad year)

Entry for 2019

FHEQ level

This course is set at Level 6 in the national Framework for Higher Education Qualifications.

No course outline is currently available.

Full-time course composition

YearTermStatusModuleCreditsFHEQ level
4Autumn SemesterOptionClimate Change Economics (L1078)156
  Death of Socialism? (L2137)306
  Economics of European Integration (L1066)156
  Economics of Public Policy (L1003)156
  Experimental Economics: Markets, Games And Strategic Behaviour (L1097)156
  Financial Econometrics (N1611)156
  Industrial Dynamics (L1103)156
  International Trade (L1070)156
  Introduction to Econometrics (level 5) (L1090)155
  Labour Economics (L1039)156
  Monetary Theory and Policy (L1040)156
  Political Change: Contemporary France (L2157)306
  Political Change: Eastern Europe in Transition (L2017)306
  Political Change: Global Crisis and European Political Economy (L1998)306
  Political Change: India (L2095)306
  Political Change: Political Parties and Party Systems (L2034)306
  Political Change: Politics and International Business (L2001)306
  Political Change: The European Union as a Global Actor (M1541)306
  Political Change: The Rise of Anti-politics (L2083)306
  Topics in Growth and Inequality (L1104)156
 Spring SemesterOptionBehavioural Economics (L1083)156
  Democracy and Inequality (L2099)306
  Economics of Crime (L1101)156
  Economics of Education (L1098)156
  Economics of Sports (L1004)156
  Feminism and Women's Political Activism in Britain (L2156)306
  Financial Economics (L1095)156
  Governing Technology (L2077)306
  Independent Study/Internship Option (L2021)306
  Parties and Voters in the UK (M1007)306
  Political Corruption (L2046)306
  Statistics Project (L1069)156
  The British Economy in the Twentieth Century (L1102)156
  The Economics of Development (L1065)156
  The Politics of Feeling (L2079)306

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