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Sussex Research names first Harry Kroto Fellows

Harry Kroto Fellow Dr Sarah Scuzzarello will be visiting Mahidol University, Thailand.

Harry Kroto Fellow Dr Liang Chen will be visiting Renmin University of China.

Sussex Research has awarded two Harry Kroto Fellowships in the first round of this new scheme to Dr Sarah Scuzzarello (Global Studies) with Mahidol University, Thailand and Dr Liang Chen (BMEc) with Renmin University of China.

Named after Nobel Prize winner Professor Sir Harry Kroto, the fellowships aim to consolidate sustainable collaborative research with specific partner institutions and to provide Sussex's early career researchers with opportunities to establish their research trajectories and generate research income.

Professor Michael Davies, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), said:

“We are delighted that the first two recipients of this prestigious award, named after one of the University’s Nobel prize winners, showcase so well the achievements and potential of our early career scholars. In two distinct fields of research, these fellowships will enable them to establish their own research trajectories and establish their careers at the same time as they cement Sussex’s international reputation.”

Dr Sarah Scuzzarello’s project, Gender, transnational migration and cultural interactions in Thailand, a research visit at the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia at Mahidol University, Thailand, will enable her to develop a field of research that studies the intersections of gender, transnationalism and multicultural interactions by focussing on migrations from Europe to Thailand.

Dr Liang Chen’s project, Firm strategy, multinational enterprises and business ethics: A collaborative perspective with Renmin University of China, extends the ongoing joint research on the bribery behaviour of foreign firms, state-owned firms, and firms in response to institutional dynamism. It also explores new research collaboration at the intersection of international business, strategy and innovation, and promotes knowledge exchange.

A second round of this scheme will be launched in late February. Details can be found on the Sussex Research website.

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Last updated: Thursday, 2 February 2017