Theoretical Particle Physics

Veronica Sanz

Beyond the Standard Model Higgs: Supersymmetry, Composite Higgs, correlations with other searches, theoretical constraints

We will study the theoretical framework of the Higgs mechanism, addressing its drawbacks. As extensions of the Standard Model, we will study the options of Supersymmetry and Composite models, with the aim of developing further these paradigms and go beyond. We will study the Higgs phenomenology and link it to the theoretical models.

Dark Matter: model building, direct detection, indirect constraints, LHC searches

We will develop new models of Dark Matter which link to other theoretical motivations (baryogenesis, the electroweak puzzle). We will look at ways to discover Dark Matter, through direct searches in underground experiments, direct production at the Large Hadron collider and other colliders, and also examine the indirect constraints on annihilation into charged particles and photons coming from satellites and telescopes.

Holographic models in extra-dimensions: Composite models at the electroweak scale, cosmology and condensed matter

We will study the duality between strongly coupled systems and models in more than four dimensions of space and time. We will apply this to interesting systems, in cosmology, dark matter, electroweak scale and condensed matter systems.