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Marking with Turnitin (Canvas Turnitin)

Turnitin Feedback Studio is used for providing similarity checks, marks and feedback for assessments using the Canvas Turnitin submission route. Canvas Turnitin is the recommended route for text-based submissions at Sussex.

There are several routes to accessing your student submissions in Canvas. Which route is recommended is dependent on whether you are the only marker for your module (single marker) or if you are sharing marking with other tutors (delegated marking).

If you are the only marker

If you are one of several markers

Turnitin offers a range of marking and feedback features, including:

  • adding a numeric grade;
  • annotating the text of a submitted document;
  • providing summary feedback as text and/or audio;
  • applying standardised marking schemes using a rubric and grading form.

The following video provides a five-minute demonstration of these features:

Calculating the word-count

Please note that the method Turnitin uses to calculate word-count isn't completely aligned with that in University of Sussex policy and should not be taken as a definitive indicator. Please see the following guide for more information - How does Turnitin interpret the 'Word Count' (PDF Guide)

Turnitin Similarity

Files submitted to Turnitin are compared for similarity against a large corpus of other documents. Matching text is displayed with information about the matched sources, in a report that is available to both the student and any markers. Our guidance on Understanding Turnitin Similarity provides more detailed information.

Rubrics and grading forms

Rubrics in Turnitin provide structured feedback forms based on assessment criteria. One of the main benefits of using a rubric is that it provides a consistent feedback structure across all submissions to an assessment. Please refer to the following resources for more information:

Known Issue: Using Turnitin with Safari web browser

If you see a ‘Turnitin error’ message when marking with Safari, then you may need to adjust your cookie settings to complete the process. See the ‘How do I resolve problems with Safari and Canvas’ FAQ for instructions.

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