Technology Enhanced Learning at Sussex

More than Lecture Capture

Panopto is more than just lecture capture, it provides you with many opportunities to enhance your teaching and learning; below are just a few examples.

If you'd like to discuss any of the following or have an idea you want to explore with us, then please do get in touch. We are here to help you make the most of Panopto and realise the benefits it can bring to your teaching practice.

Use cases

Active Learning

Transform your videos into active learning resources by adding quizzes. These quizzes can automatically pass grades back to Canvas.

Multiple cameras for instructional videos

Do you want to film an interview or make a point-of-view recording of a lab experiment with multiple cameras? With Panopto, you can use multiple video sources in the same recording. You can also use your mobile (iOS only) as a secondary video source.

Students as creators

Setting up a formative assignment in Canvas for students to submit a Panopto recording they've made is straightforward. Don't forget they don't need to use the Panopto Recorder to carry out the recording; most other videos can be uploaded to Panopto.


Create your own flipped learning resources with easy screencasting in Panopto. The capabilities of Panopto make it easy to build flipped learning resources. Whether it is an instructional video or a screen cast, Panopto can help you build engaging video content for pre-session tasks.

Multimedia feedback

Video can be a powerful medium for feedback. Learn how to use Panopto and other tools to provide rich multimedia feedback. For example, if you are providing audio feedback in Turnitin and you find yourself limited by the three minute maximum recording time. You can share a Panopto recording link in to the general feedback box.

Supercharge revision

Being able to search the audio, slide text and contents of recordings makes Panopto search an indispensable tool for revision. To take things further, students can make use of the bookmarks and have a go at live note taking; private notes are time stamped and linked to the recording in real time.

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