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Over the 2017/18 academic year TEL ran a Nearpod pilot scheme in order to evaluate the tool and generate different use cases. The TEL NearPod license has not been renewed however Nearpod is still available to use with a free account for groups of up to 40 students via the NearPod website.

What is Nearpod?

Nearpod is a tool which allows you to create engaging, interactive presentations and display them directly on students’ mobile devices. There are various slides to choose from when creating your presentation, from text, image, audio or video slides to interactive activities.

In lectures or seminars, the tutor can control progress through the slides and students can interact via their mobile devices using an app or via a web browser. If required, students can add their own notes during the presentation. Presentations can be controlled from a mobile device (tablet) so that the teacher can move around the room while presenting.

Alternatively, presentations can be set to ‘student-paced’ and worked through outside class time. This allows for creating exciting, interactive lessons, as well as potential distance learning opportunities.

How might I use Nearpod in my teaching?

Make your presentation more interactive and increase student engagement by adding open ended questions, polls, quizzes, ‘Draw it’ slides – a whiteboard feature for annotating images or gathering ideas during discussions, Collaborate slides – a space for students to pool and share ideas, images and resources in real time.

Use Nearpod to get feedback on your students’ engagement and progress. View reports stored in your account and view feedback of students’ results during the presentation.

Examples of using Nearpod in education

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