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Care packages for students in self-isolation

Financial support for students who are self-isolating

We are now providing a comprehensive package of financial support for students who need to self-isolate.  We have received positive feedback from both the Students’ Union, health authorities and the Government on how extensive the Sussex package is. 

There is comprehensive information for students who need to self-isolate on the Student Hub.  Students who need to self-isolate as they have symptoms and reported these via our online form, or have been asked by the University to self-isolate due to being in close contact with someone who has got Covid-19 will be provided with either a:

  • £25 allowance per week if living on campus
  • £40 allowance per week if living off campus

These payments are to help self-isolating students with the costs towards buying food and other essential items. 

There is a higher payment for those living off campus as they will not receive the support services available to those living in on-campus accommodation which includes meal delivery, cleaning products and laundry services.  The University is also now subsidising a daily meal plan for students on campus so they can be delivered three nourishing meals a day during isolation, should they decide that this is an option they would like.

In addition, for students who are unfortunate to have had a positive test for Covid-19, we will ensure you are able to receive a hot meal each day – to help with your recovery, by supplying

  • a free meal to those on campus, that will be delivered to you each day. You will be able to re-heat the meal when you are ready to eat
  • an additional payment of £5 a day, for those off campus towards purchasing a hot meal.

Daily meal plans

In addition to the support package, the University is also now subsidising a daily meal plan for students on campus so they can be delivered three nourishing meals a day during isolation if they choose.

Chartwells will subsidise the cost of the One Day Meal Plan to students. Previously, a meal plan costs £17.50 for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the student pays £10 and the University will subsidise £7.50.

Mobile testing unit returns to campus for 10 days

The Covid-19 Mobile Testing Unit will return to campus for 10 days from 16 - 25 October. It will again be located in the Arts Carpark (no.7A).  This testing facility is for people who are displaying Covid-19 symptoms and tests can be booked through the national booking system.

50 home testing kits

We will be able to provide up to 50 home testing kits a week for students on campus from next Monday.  These will be for students on campus who are symptomatic with Covid-29 symptoms.

Covid-19 Dashboard - now daily

We will now be providing to daily figures for the latest Covid-19 cases on campus on our updated dashboard. We will publish the latest figures on weekday afternoons and then provide data on a Monday for the weekend.

The table displays the current total number of cases as of that particular day. You can now access the dashboard from the navigation block on the Autumn 2020 pages (new link).

New enquiry service for students and parents

On Monday (12 October), a new University enquiry line and web chat service was launched to answer student and members of the public’s questions about how we are supporting students, our response to Covid-19 and how to access information and support if needed.

Trained Sussex staff volunteers are equipped to answer questions or triage to the appropriate University service.  A webchat service is also now available on the University's Covid-19 webpages, Student Hub and relevant staff web pages.

To date over 60 volunteers from across the University have signed up to offer their services.

If you’d like to volunteer for the Covid-19 enquiry line please email

Students, parents, and members of the public can call the University of Sussex Covid-19 enquiry line on 01273 876500 to talk to a trained staff volunteer enquiry handler.  

A reminder to download the NHS contact-tracing app

We rely upon the NHS Covid-19 contact-tracing app on campus, in areas such as lecture theatres and seminar rooms. They all have QR codes and all staff and students are strongly encouraged to download and use the app.

The app helps those that use it and test positive, or have any symptoms of coronavirus, or have been in close contact with someone who has a positive test result can help to reduce the potential spread of the virus be aware of the need to self-isolate and reduce the potential spread of the virus to others.

Another opportunity for staff to ask questions at a phased return to campus webinar

Next week, we will be holding another webinar with capacity for up to 500 staff:

Wednesday 21 October; 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm

This follows a series of webinars, including one on Wednesday this week, for all staff to hear about plans for our phased return to campus and the health and safety measures we have in place. A recording of these webinars and answers to unanswered questions are now available online.

We will be holding more in coming weeks to keep you updated.

If you do have an questions about our phased return to campus you can email

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By: Charlie Littlejones
Last updated: Friday, 16 October 2020

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