General Counsel, Governance and Compliance

Director: Bridget Edminson

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Governance Services

Provides Secretariat and support services to Council, the Executive, the Committees of Council, Senate and ULT.

Phone: 01273 876912


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General Counsel Legal Advisers

Provides in-house legal advice to the University.

Phone: 01273 876912

Information Management & Compliance

Provides data protection advice and ensures compliance with data protection legislation, handles Freedom of Information and data subject requests (e.g. subject access requests, requests for erasure of records, etc) and third party requests for personal data, and responds to other organisational information management requests. The Head of Information Management & Compliance is also the University’s Data Protection Officer.

Phone: 01273 678472

Email: (for data subject requests, third party requests for personal data, or to report data breaches); ) and (for general data protection/GDPR queries or GDPR e-learning queries); and (for Freedom of Information requests)

Health & Safety

Provides expert advice, training, monitoring, investigation, risk assessment, inspections, reporting and safety auditing.

Phone: 01273 872561


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Risk & Business Continuity management

Provides institutional risk assessments and maintains the University’s Risk Register; supports organisational resilience, emergency incident planning and business continuity planning.

Phone: 01273 678734


Prevent Compliance

Provides guidance on compliance with the Prevent Duty, approval of external speakers and a point of contact for community liaison.

Phone:  01273 873855


Office for Students (OfS) Compliance

Manages all responses to the OfS including consultations, data returns and reportable events. Additionally, maintains oversight of the compliance matrix to ensure continued institutional compliance with the OfS Conditions of registration.

Phone: 01273 873855   


Vice-Chancellor’s Office

Provides administrative and secretarial support to the Vice-Chancellor, Provost and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Phone: 01273 678028

Email addresses:

For Vice-Chancellor:

For Provost:

For Chief Operating Officer: