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Consumer Culture, Identity, and Well-Being


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Identity, Consumer Culture, and Well-Being (ICCWell)

In CCIWell, we examine the impact of consumer culture on individuals’ identity and well-being. We focus on the psychological risks posed by consumer culture ideals that are highly profiled in advertising and the media: the ‘body perfect’ and the ‘material good life’.  This work is headed by Helga Dittmar.

 A summary of our work can be found in this research monograph

Dittmar, H. (2011). Consumer culture, identity and well-being: The search for the ‘good life’ and the ‘body perfect’. European Monographs in Social Psychology. Paperback edition. Psychology Press: Hove and New York.

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The Children's Consumer Culture Project

The Children's Consumer Culture Project is funded by the Leverhulme Trust and led by Helga Dittmar and Robin Banerjee. The research project combines in-depth interviews with large-scale longitudinal surveys and experiments to assess directly the causal impact of exposure to consumer culture ideals on well-being in children aged 8-14 years.


Dr. Helga Dittmar

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