Postgraduate (PG) Modules

Applied Research Methods (MBA module), Sussex, 2018-present (ongoing)

Managing Virtual Projects (PG; 951N1), Sussex, 2017-present (ongoing)

MBA Final Project (PG; 708N1D), Sussex, 2017-2018

New Ways of Work: Virtual Teamwork, Valencia, 2016-2018

Project Management (PG; 951N1), Sussex, 2016-2017

Digital Business (PG), Birkbeck, 2014-2015

Information Systems Theory & Practice (PG), Royal Holloway, 2014-2015

Creativity & Innovation Methods (PG), Bath, 2012-2013


Undergraduate (UG) Modules

Managing Global Virtual Projects (UG; N1617), Sussex, 2018-present (ongoing)

Management of Innovation (UG; N1049), Sussex, 2017-2018

Information Systems (UG; N1039), Sussex, 2015-2016

Virtual Organizing (UG), Bath, 2010-2012


Dissertation, Thesis and Placement Supervision

I am currently supervising one PhD student and have also supervised 10 placements, and 43 PG (MBA and MSc) and 10 UG dissertations or structured research projects from the following programmes (at Sussex and elsewhere):

  • PhD level:
    • PhD Management
  • MBA level
  • MSc level:
    • MSc Management
    • MSc International Management
    • MSc Human Resource Management
  • BSc level:
    • BSc Business and Management
    • BSc Business with Human Resource Management
    • BSc International Business